Lita leaning against a wall holding her laptop wearing a lilac dress and white jacket.

Brand Specialist, designer and caffeine fuelled mumpreneur helping Mums conquer the business world through premium, yet affordable brand and design solutions.

I’m not your average brand specialist and designer—I’m your branding BFF, strategic sidekick, and mum boss hype girl. With kids of my own and a business to run, I understand the challenge of juggling family life and big business ambitions.

My goal is to bring that big-brand energy to your start-up journey, all while keeping it real and budget-friendly. Whether you’re into semi-custom branding or need something a little more tailored, I’ve got your back.

Your inspired vision and my creative excellence is all we need to transform your big dreams into a thriving reality.

Like a well-planned morning routine, I infuse your brand with energy and strategy. Crafting visuals that resonate without overspending, I specialise in big brand excellence on a budget

My Way

Hey Lita exists because I’ve always believed in the power of entrepreneurship. From trying my hand at various ventures, I found my passion for branding and design. Now, I’m dedicated to helping other mothers carve their space in the market with bold brands that reflect their journey.

My Purpose

At Hey Lita, my purpose is clear: to empower mothers to pursue their big business dreams while prioritising family life. I believe every mumma deserves the chance to build a business aligned with her passions and values, creating a life of freedom and fulfillment.

My Mission

My mission at Hey Lita is to provide mothers with quick, affordable, and high-quality brand solutions. I’m committed to offering big-budget quality on a start-up friendly budget, empowering mothers to build impactful brands that resonate with their audience.

My Vision

My vision is to cultivate a community of empowered women fearlessly pursuing their dreams. I envision a world where every mother has the resources and support to build a thriving business on her terms. Together, we’ll redefine success, one bold brand at a time

Are you ready to transition from the confines of traditional employment to the liberating realm of entrepreneurship?