Mum Biz Hotline

Hey Mumma! You've got a text

Ready to go beyond being 'just mum'?  

Do you have ambitious business goals but find yourself feeling a bit stuck and overwhelmed? Need a boost of hype-girl energy and motivation?

Well, it’s time to grab your walkie-talkie app, because we’re about to hash it all out!

The Mum Biz Hotline is your direct line to clarity and inspiration. A one-on-one coaching session where you can tap into my creative brain and feel confident about your startup business.

What's the deal?

During your Hotline session, we’ll talk and text our way to brand clarity. No topic is off-limits. Whether you need help defining your niche, brainstorming business names, or refining your services, I’m here to chat, Mumma!

What’s included: You’ll have my undivided attention (and access to my creative brain juices) for 3 hours in your own private chat room. We can text and send real-time voice notes to unpack your ideas and get you feeling inspired and aligned.

What’s not included: Please note that design time, video chats, and documentation are not part of this session. This is all about a good ol’ Mum-to-Mum catch-up to get those creative business juices flowing.

Investment: $111

Are you ready to transition from the confines of traditional employment to the liberating realm of entrepreneurship?